1. How do we collect information for TALNT?
Our global team continually source publicly available information on people moves from thousands of industry and mainstream publications worldwide as well as official releases. TALNT protects you by ensuring that only moves from publicly available sources are included in the service.
2. How does TALNT organise and categorise the information to support me?
Our unique artificial intelligence software, combined with our team of specialist editors, analyse each article and categorise it by market, role, region and much more, ensuring that you receive only the news alerts that are relevant to your markets and can quickly search for the people data you need.
3. How can TALNT support my work?
Keeping you on top of your markets is just the start; we also want to support your professional networking. TALNT users can easily share relevant articles with colleagues. TALNT also enables you to quickly contact the executive on the move via LinkedIn.
4. Why do new pages open for news sources?
All articles are directly linked to the original news sources to enable you to explore the move further while keeping TALNT open to let you continue to explore recent moves.
5. How do we verify information?
We do not independently verify the articles from which TALNT collects moves data, but we use respected publicly available sources such as LinkedIn™️ and recognised industry publications and news sources.
6. What moves are covered?
We include all global senior executive moves that occur across functions and sectors within Financial Services, Real Estate, Energy, Consulting, Technology and Business Services.. We plan to expand to TALNT to many more sectors in the future, Please get in touch to discuss our plans.
7. How can I build specific indexes on diversity hiring or create competitor intelligence data?
TALNT uses a tagging system to structure the data on all people moves. These tags help you to make actionable decisions by quickly building indexes on moves that matter. This could include competitor people moves, business development targeting, diversity trends or simply connecting you to people on the move. Please get in touch to discuss how TALNT can best support your decision making.
8. Why am I receiving daily email alerts? How do I tailor them to my needs?
When you register as a TALNT user, you automatically receive the email alerts tailored to your preferences and can access all moves on the site. You can adjust your preferences to ensure that you only receive daily alerts the related to your markets. You can unsubscribe from TALNT emails at any time and continue to use the TALNT Hub as a research tool. We are continuing to improve TALNT, and we would be grateful to hear your feedback about our email alerts or any other aspects of the service.
9. How much does TALNT cost?
TALNT is currently in public beta, and you are currently receiving free subscriber status, which means you do not need to pay to access the TALNT Hub or receive TALNT daily moves alerts. We plan to offer premium plans with additional features in the future once TALNT moves out of beta. Please get in touch to let us know what you’d like to see next in TALNT.
10. What people data analytics does TALNT provide to support my key business decision making?
TALNT data analytics is currently in development. The new functions will allow users to create people data reports across multiple areas and timelines, identifying trends not previously seen. Our goal is to bring transparency to the market and radically change the way people data is used for executives and businesses. Please get in touch to let us know what data analytics you would find most useful.
11. How do I join the TALNT team?
We are always looking for great talent to join our team, send us your cv at careers@talnt.sh
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