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How is Global current affairs affecting hiring activity?Global markets are still recovering from the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, but there are now rising concerns of the Ukraine and Russia conflict, which is causing ripple effects across world economies.Inflation fears, and energy price hikes are just a few repercussions of this new and potentially global conflict, but what about hiring activity?    TALNT tracks 100’s of moves a week across the international financial services, real assets, technology and energy industries. As we examine the overall trends of moves since 2021, it is no surprise that there may be a direct correlation of global crisis affecting the hiring market.
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January of this year saw a strong 46% increase of moves from the previous month, a 10% increase change from January 2021, indicating considerable growth in hiring activity. However, February 2022 witnessed a significant decrease of 41% change in people moves activity, a much larger decline than the 28% decrease during the 2020 pandemic in comparison.Although the decline continues into this month, the software industry seems to be the first to show recovery in hiring, however with the uncertainty around the conflict, we may only be seeing the tip of the iceberg.Select TALNT Insights in your preferences to follow people moves trends and insights as they unfold in the coming months. 

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