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Assent Empowers Growth: Strategic Hires Bolster Compliance, Safety, and Market Presence

Assent, a prominent player in the construction industry, has recently expanded its senior leadership team with strategic hires, signaling a proactive response to the dynamic landscape shaped by the Building Safety Act (2022) and the establishment of the Building Safety Regulator (BSR). The new additions include Piers Durrant as Head of Marketing, Marc Charlesworth as Head of Operations (North), Miguel Taylor as Head of Operations (South), and Liz Maiden as Health & Safety Adviser.

This move comes at a crucial juncture for Assent, which has been diligently preparing for the paradigm shift brought about by the Building Safety Act. The Act places a significant emphasis on competency and quality control throughout the construction process, necessitating a robust leadership team to navigate the evolving regulatory framework.

Assent has been positioning itself not only as a building control services provider but also as an advisory and guidance hub, especially in areas related to fire safety and fire engineering. The companys acquisitions of Xact Consultancy & Training and Clarke Banks have contributed to its multifaceted approach, allowing Assent to offer comprehensive services across the built environment.

Kate Morement, the Head of Risk & Compliance at Assent, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the company meets legislative and operational standards required by the BSR. Her team oversees the necessary systems and processes, crucial for compliance as the new regulations come into effect on April 6.

Liz Maiden, the newly appointed Health & Safety Adviser, joins the team to support Kate and ensure that Assent adheres to current and emerging industry standards. Lizs role involves managing audit, training, and education initiatives across the organization, aligning with Assents commitment to excellence.

The Director of Operations, Lee Ibbotson, is supported by a strong team to ensure day-to-day operations align with the key elements necessary for providing compliant and excellent service to customers. With the collaboration of Marc and Miguel, who work closely with the technical teams, Assent aims to deliver high-quality, market-leading building control services to its clients.

In the marketing realm, the team has been fortified by the arrival of Piers Durrant, bringing extensive experience from Premier Guarantee. Piers will work alongside Sue Westhead, Marketing and Commercial Director, who has been instrumental in shaping Assents market presence over the past three years. The combined expertise of Piers and Sue is expected to further enhance Assents marketing efforts and support the continued growth of the business.